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Sandra Anderson, Librarian

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Alberta Teachers' Association Library

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North America

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Rural librarians, Special librarians

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Learn how one library thought outside the box to create a makerspace for remote patrons

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Three years ago, our library wanted to get involved with makerspaces but we faced some unique challenges. How can a library have a makerspace when the majority of clients cannot access the physical library? What can the library do to excite our remote users about emerging technologies that can be used in their classrooms?  Our solution was to create a different kind of makerspace -- a space with no space, no place, no walls.  Come and learn how we adapted the idea of a makerspace to meet our clients’ needs. 

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Sandra: we like and are really curious about this proposal, but have some questions: are your public, and are they going out to folks? We want to know more information, as the proposal is really brief. Could you flesh it out a bit more so we can make a better determination? Thanks!


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