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Sarah Baker, Education Librarian


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New Mexico State University Library


Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Las Cruces, New Mexico


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Target Audience(s):

Librarians and Information Professionals


Short Session Description (one line):

Visions of library services and information access from the past, present, and science fiction future.


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

As long as there have been library and information professionals there have been predictions about the future of libraries and library services.   Charles Ammi Cutter, Walt Crawford, Michael Gorman, and many others have provided insights into the concepts of libraries as places, and libraries as services, with people as information mediators.


Current libraries are constantly evolving, trying to keep up with new information formats, preservation issues, changing users, virtual reference services, mobile devices, and social networking tools.


This presentation creatively suggests that libraries and librarians look to science fiction literature for a reimagining of information systems.  It invites participants to inhabit a virtual world in cyberspace, with librarian avatars, that is run by hackers, gamers, and system administrators.



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Oh my gosh, I love this!
Sarah had to cancel this session because she has the flu.  :(  Get better Sarah!


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