Hello everyone. I'm so glad you accepted me on the librarians community. I started to study English 6 years ago and I really love to listen to it. My own way to learn, practice, teach English is using a text and read in voice one on one with a friend, a girl. I use skype and/or Second Life. I believe one on one shows more respect because in this way we can be present 100% for the person with we are talking, reading, communicating. I found groups are good to discover new things, to grow. At the end we have to find our own ways and to keep growing out of the limits of the group, out of the box. Each every singe person is different and in my opinion we have to find ourselves. Usually I'm online around 2:00 am PDT or midday 12:00 EET. I would like to know some of you, one on one. ;). Cata.

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