Willyn Webb, co-author, "Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning", alternative high school counselor/administrator/educator, adjunct professor


Library, School, or Organization Name:  Delta Opportunity School, Colorado Mesa University


Co-Presenter Name(s): Lisa Nielsen, The Innovative Educator and co-author of "Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning"


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Delta, Colorado


Language in Which You Will Present: English


Target Audience(s): All


Short Session Description (one line): Harnessing the Power of Cell Phones


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

Innovative librarians have come a long way from the days of ol’ where students were dependent upon the a librarian to help access information or thousands of dirty old index cards to find their just right book.  The globally-connected, digitally savvy librarian of today empowers students to be independent learners, connected to an infinite amount of resources to meet their interests, passions and learning needs.  Harnessing the power of cell phones is a free and easy way to bring this reality to life.


Text overdue and hold notices which not only gets information directly into the hands of students, but prevents wasting paper.  Texting is students’ preferred method of communication, why not use it?

Place book club students in a group so reminders of book club meetings and other club news can be texted to all members with the ease of one message. Students love being in contact this way.  There are a number of free group text messaging services.

Use Phone Casting to create book talks and make them available for students anytime/anywhere.  A phone cast enables you to use your phone to record, capture and share audio using your cell phone.  There are a number of free services that allow you to record audio from a phone including Google Voice, Voki, iPadio, and Yodio.  Librarians can set up an online space like a wiki or website to list books in the library and use their selected phone casting service to embed an audio recording of the corresponding book talk.   Not only is it great for students to hear about books from their peers, but creating a book talk can also be a great project for students.  In schools where librarians organize buddy reading with upper grade students reading to younger buddies, having the older partner record their book talk with their buddy in mind provides a built in audience and perhaps even someone who can provide useful insight into if the talk inspired the buddy to want to hear more.

Twitter from a cell phone enables librarians to provide the entire school community with a window into their library.   Tweeting updates about new books that have come in, to celebrate student successes, to provide reminders about upcoming events and more.  All these Tweets can be embedded directly onto a school library page from the school’s website.   Twitter can also be used to help students connect or reach out for on demand professional development using the hashtag #TLchat (T for Teacher, L for Librarian) started by the popular librarian Joyce Valenza.  Using and following the hashtag provides viewers with a minefield of ideas, resource sharing and networking

The group response site, Poll Everywhere or Wiffiti, gets students involved. One way is after viewing book trailers. Have students use their phones to vote for their favorite book. Not only does this engage the students, but it also illustrates to the classroom teachers that they can provide student response to students through the use of cell phones which provides an effective way to collect and capture students thoughts, opinions, and feedback. When teachers see their librarian modeling the use of phones with students they are often more open to the idea of using them in their own classroom. This is especially important in schools that have limited or no access to student response systems aka clickers. Cell phones provide the same opportunity for student involvement without the cost.


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Teaching Generation Text: Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning

Colorado Mesa University course

Classroom 2.0


Innovative Educator Blog

Teaching Generation Text Blog



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Its really a very informative session which have revealed various +ve n purposeful uses of cell phones which were if actually implemented can supplement the teaching learning process. thankx for this



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