Well, we WANT to be a media rich library.  Right now, we're a fancy storage closet and I'm the very cruel  new cleaning tornado.  

Upon arrival last month, I quickly learned that

  1. Nothing here has ever been weeded
  2. Nothing has ever been turned down.  
  3. There is not and has never been a single digital asset.  

So, I'm here to clean out the collection and create a digital-friendly workspace with a half dozen workstations.

Please, if anyone has ideas or a link to ideas on specs for library work stations in 2012--no storage (other than flashdrives or cloud), share!  


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As a fellow tornado, I'm taking it easy.  It's my first year here and I don't want to step on any toes.  I literally had a teacher ask for a certain filmstrip reel and projector this afternoon.  Slowly and carefully I explained that I can find the clip and show it in his classroom if he would just send the title or subject/content area of the film.

We've got two centered workstations in the library, groups of six.  Make sure there's enough room for any textbooks/notebook needed, and portable keyboards help, too.  

One step at a time.


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