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Which Social Networks to Use? [Prezi]… Continue

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An Unapologetic Twivangelist

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.  ~Chinese Proverb

The thing I love…

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How can we use social networks to promote our library or company?

Nowadays, all of us are completely aware of the fact that social networks are more and more important in our society and we have to be present at them. But being present is not enough: the use of social networks should be very carefully planned in order to be successful. Otherwise, using these tools in an inconsistent and improvised way might be even worse that not using them at all.


Because of that, before creating profiles in social networks in an urgent way, we had better…


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Oct 1st 2010 it's going to be #followalibrary day on Twitter

Followalibrary on twitter on Oct 1st


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More tools to help libraries do environment scanning

One of the keys themes of my blog is how to use free tools to get alerts of news of interest. More specifically, I have made a series of posts trying to figure out how to use tools to find and engage with library users who are online posting, tweeting etc about your library.

I first mentioned the idea in Dec 2009 , and followed it up with "… Continue

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October 1st is: Follow a Library on Twitter day

What would happen if each person on twitter would mention his or her favorite library there? One definite outcome would be: the enormous amount of positive attention to this great industry. And for this reason October 1 2010 has been declared the follow a library on twitter day. Well respected names from the international library community, such as Michael Stephens and… Continue

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Why libraries should proactively scan Twitter & the web for feedback - some examples

I have shared in the past techniques that allow you to be aware of what users are saying about your library online. By using free tools, one can easily set up a system that alerts you in real time when your library is mentioned and gives you the opportunity to respond immediately if you wish. (See Twitter scan techniques and… Continue

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Scanning mentions of the library - Twitter, Google alerts & more

By now many corporations including libraries routinely scan for mentions of themselves on the internet. The number one free tool used is of course Google alerts, but with the rise of real time searches and microblogging, attention has turned towards scanning for Tweets.

In this post, I will share with you some of my experiences doing so called "environmental scanning" using free tools.

The examples will be more impressive… Continue

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Knobbling the Winter Olympic Catalogue Results

On my personal blog I recently wrote a blog post about fudging catalogue records, so that I could link easily from Twitter to a subset of catalogue records. This was in an attempt to direct followers of our Library Service Twitter account to library stock related to the Winter Olympics. In summary, this involved coming up…


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Location based services and Libraries - Tweets & Foursquare

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I was busy playing with my brand new IPhone 3GS. As this is my very first smartphone you can understand how excited I was with it.

But of all the things you could do with a smartphone, perhaps the feature I was most interested in was in location based services and… Continue

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Meaning in Twitter Hashtags

I find hashtags on Twitter useful ways of pulling all the information about a particular discussion together. However, sometimes I see a hashtag that is attached to an interesting tweet, but I haven't got a clue what the background of the hashtag is. If I've not been involved in the thread/discussion/conversation from the beginning it can be difficult to back-track to where it was first used. Sometimes keywords are used as hashtags, which can give you a clue (but not always), but in some cases… Continue

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Word of Mouth Marketing in Libraries - Info & Articles

Then and Now...

Faberge Shampoo started it all with their famous commercial from the 1970s. Peggy Barber and Linda Wallace nail it in their new article, "The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing" in the November issue of American Libraries Magazine. We wrote a post called "… Continue

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Twitter Snooker filter

Wouldn't it be good if you could follow someone on Twitter and only receive their Tweets that were relevant to the reason you started following them? For example, Imagine you started following someone because they were an expert on Web2.0 stock management. Imagine that they were also obsessed with Steve Davis (snooker player). In this fantasy world you also happen to dislike snooker so much that a mention of the yellow slipping in the pocket after being nudged gently by the blue makes you fall… Continue

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Twitter experiment

I recently tried an experiment with Twitter. I thought I'd get together an RSS feed of Tweets that mention the words 'love' and 'library' and Retweet them. I just wanted to see all the positive comments that people make about libraries and spread the word to my Twitter world (all 37 of my followers, over 1/2 of which are spammers... I don't mind. It makes me look more popular than I really am.) So I ran a Twitter search, found the RSS feed for it, put it into '… Continue

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Excessive web API and widget overkill

I think the web is a great tool, but my bug-bear at the moment is that if someone comes up with a latest hyped application on the web that we're expected to follow, in its wake will be a million spin off sites that allow you to use the original app in a variety of ways and provide the data in a different way ie with yellow borders smelling of roses round the edge of the screen (nb: you can play with the settings to make it smell like Cadbury's Chocolate Roses or the floral variety). Then you… Continue

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Mashup your Library's Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Facebook accounts!

I've being thinking about how libraries can mashup their Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and other web 2.0 accounts and display them using cool visualizations.

Visualization on screensavers

Initially I toyed with the idea of displaying rss feeds using screensavers. Software such as Nuparadigm's RSS screensaver, RSSmore , , RSSsaver and… Continue

Added by Aaron Tay on June 27, 2009 at 11:44am — 3 Comments

Official Library Twitter accounts- what factors are correlated with number of followers?

After posting about what Library Twitter accounts are doing here and here, I stumbled upon a more efficient way of getting the statistics and this resulted in the following batch of statistics (Number of followers, Number of following, Followers/following ratio, Age of… Continue

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Yes! Follow my tweets:

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