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Hey all-
any other library 2.0 deinzens who are also active in the libraries in/on Second Life?
Give me a shout!
Also, I'm recruiting people to participate in a cataloging project in SL - so if yr interested...


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Hey, look for Audible Undertone in SL, I'm usually around the ALA WO HQ & am starting to hang a bit in the new ALA digs, too.
I'm dying to try 2nd Life. How do I start?
For some of us it takes longer. My avatar has clothes now, but I keep running into trees when I fly!
I have been exploring. I have been attending some meeting with other librarians but have not worked on any SL projects yet. Find me as Brian Garfield in SL.
Hi All!

I'm Danu Dahlstrom in SL. Please feel free to stop by McMaster's storefront to ask me questions, or find me and friend me :)
note: this slurl might be changing soon
I'm Elaine Janus, but I think my computer must be too slow or something. I can't move, screens keep popping up, keystrokes go unnoticed. Now I know how it feels to be living like a troll under a bridge.
I've been coordinating the Australian Libraries Building on Cybrary City since November. Check out our blog about it at VLINT. I have posted slides from my presentation to the National Library a couple of weeks ago at: Flying Librarians of Oz:What's all the fuss about Second Life and w....

My basic thrust is that it is a social network. You need to look beyond the empty buildings to the connections below - just like you need to look past the ugly MySpace pages to the connections below.

My slides list advantages for librarians of being there - as given by a number of Second Life librarians I polled last month. Basically the two main reasons are that you get to fiddle with an interface that approximates what we may well be using to provide services in years to come. It's free, accessible now and there are over 400 librarians playing there. The other is that it provides professional networking.

I too think that it's possibly a way for the over 35s to feel young and hip. As to serving our users now? Not yet. Maybe sometime. But still a useful place to spend a lot of time in.
BTW feel free to befriend Emerald Dumont ( Green - Hill...geddit?) next time you are in SL.
I'd be intrigued to know about your cataloguing project
I'm James Bringholf in SL. I'm struck by Marcus's comment below about empty library spaces in SL, because I've seen the same thing. There are lots of lively, popular spaces in SL, but the libraries don't seem to be among them. I wonder if we're not making a mistake by replicating our physical spaces in SL and thus creating big, pretty, but empty spaces there as well. The activity in SL takes place where people gather, not necessarily where denizens have built pretty buildings.

On the other hand, each time I drop in on Info Island, I usually find one SL Librarian volunteer there, and there's usually some non-librarian who has wandered in to ask a question.

I suspect that the real attraction of SL is not the virtual spaces, but the virtual (real) people who inhabit them. Maybe instead of spending a lot of effort and time building self-help links in SL library spaces, we should simply be staffing them more fully? People seem to want to chat and ask questions; an empty library, even with lots of pretty terminals with links to websites, isn't going to be very attractive.
Very true. The most popular (social) businesses are the ones that have regular gatherings/reasons to gather and people around at appointed times to drum up interest and keep things going.
I agree. I've been in SL supporting a 4th year university course, and the class has had some excellent conversations. I believe this is because of the immersive nature of the environment, but it is also because we've got them in there interacting as a group.

BTW, I'm Xav Serrati in SL


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