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Hey all-
any other library 2.0 deinzens who are also active in the libraries in/on Second Life?
Give me a shout!
Also, I'm recruiting people to participate in a cataloging project in SL - so if yr interested...


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I'm Amelia Book in world. I haven't done much with the library in a while. Let's just say 2006 sucked and move on.

I'm slowly looking to get back into the groove though. I've got an updated version of my "Customizing your avatar for newbies" guide. If anyone wants a copy feel free to IM me. Heck, feel free to friend me! lol I am available if you want specialized help with customization. I am working on updating my "Shopping for Guys" guide but there are a lot more places to list than there were last year.
I would also be interested in a cataloging project in SL. The in-world search is awful! I'm still pretty new, but my college has gotten involved in SL, and I am part of the pilot group (mostly because I was one of the few faculty on campus trying out SL).

I am Libraronin Arcadia . Send me a Friend invite if you see me around.
I'm involved in Second Life, and my library has a virtual branch in Cybrary City 1
My avatar goes by the name of Wellendorf Chihuly. I've found it to be an interesting
way for me to interact with other librarians from around the world. (My library
is located next door to Canada and up the street from Australia, and I've never
had to leave Alabama!) I've learned a lot and stretched my reference skills
in new ways.
I'm Phenyks Winx in SL, and I am a volunteer at the Talis Science Fiction and Fantasy Portal and Mystery Manor. Both are genre libraries and need some good ol' fashioned programming to draw folks in. SF/F is having a book-of-the-month series (I'm doing The Prestige by Christopher Priest in July), and the Manor's programming schedule is still in the brainstorming stages.

In my work life, I'm a new Distance Ed librarian at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, USA. I'm working on ways to implement social networking apps in our library on campus to serve students off-site (i.e., not physically in the library building).
I need to get a second life :-)

I did try once but never quite mastered um... moving about :-(
I am James Bringholf in SL. You can often find me at Open Latte Coffeehouse; I have an apartment in Mill Pond.
I am Brian Garfield in SL.
Spiral Mandelbrot here, if I ever get back in world (Real Life took over my Second Life this winter).


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