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Our new Learning Common will have a large screen next to the self checkout. We'd like to have useful and entertaining library related material showing. Has anyone implemented something like this?

I have ideas of what I'd like to see on it...very short screencasts of "how to's", new book display covers, selected RSS feeds scrolling though, staff/students favourite picks....maybe a chatterwall.

My problem is the setup to make it happen. What software would we need to control the cycling through ? Could we somehow have it playing like a "library channel" online as well as displaying on the screen? How to change content and who controls it how? We are PC based, not Mac based.

Anyone using a large screen? How do you use it? Anyone tried something like my ideas? How did you execute it?

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If I understand you correctly we have exactly what you called "Large screen"
displaying "how to's", new arrivals, new events and it is placed right next to the
check out counter.

Due to funding and manpower we did it the most simple way, which is a
powerpoint display with a PC connected to the network. All staff has access to
the powerpoint file. I have seen other university library providing "Large screen" PC
as well (from what I can see, 99.9% a powerpoint file)

Though I guess you are refering to something more than a powerpoint file.
Thanks. I think you are right..a PowerPoint would do the trick.

I dream about alternating between different productions.....a RSS feed scrolling past with ABC headlines, latest news from the campus, maybe the view from a webcam in another part of the world...

We'd need to keep changing the PowerPoint to keep the content fresh..which would be do-able. I'm wondering whether we could set it up so there was constant content from other sources, and then library new content dropped into the stream every so often.
We’ve put together an information “kiosk” at the circ desk. I'm happy with it.

We loop a PowerPoint slide show of campus building pictures, interspersed with
campus event announcements and library info as background. In the foreground,
we run a Yahoo widget news ticker (crawling news headlines) and a local weather
widget. We initially also had a sports headlines widget but that slowed the PC down too
much. Check for more on widgets.

Looks nice and gives patrons something to look at while they are waiting to check
Thanks for your suggestions. I'll look into using a kiosk..and the other tips and tricks from Dave. I really like the idea of having it run simultaneously at the ref desk on a second monitor for people who are waiting.


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