Hey! Congratulations to Helene Blowers, Christine MacKensie, Michael Stephens and Michael Casey for the fantastic write-up on the Wired website: Public Library Geeks Take Web 2.0 to the Stacks. Some great ideas on how to get a whole staff started in Web 2.0, too.

Link courtesy of Michael Stephens @ Tame the Web

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I'm a school librarian and think a 23 things (or maybe 13 things ;)) would be a great idea to bring some web 2.0 sampling into our district.

Thanks for sharing--hadn't seen the article yet, but my tech coordinator emailed it to me a few minutes ago, and then I saw this here. Six degrees of separation and all that ;)
Libraries are starting to get more national press, and in a good way. Did you see the CBS news:
Thanks! It concerns me that they went to a marketing expert first, implying that we weren't keeping up with the times and having him explain how we have to do so. Like, we can't figure that out ourselves. Oy vez!
An excellent article and a fantastic program to get staff hooked on Web 2.0 technologies.

I forwarded this to all the department heads and I am hoping it motivates to take the challenge....
Thanks for the heads up on this article!
What a fantastic idea! Cheers to Helene Blowers for creating a program that's inexpensive, accessible, and easy to alter.

Blowers's Learning 2.0 page is interesting. It works something like a blog, a wiki, and a workbook all at the same time. I'm impressed with how she's used ordinary Web 2.0 tools in creative ways.



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