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During my study I made some vodcasts with information for the users of the library in Arnhem. This can be done very easily. I did it with a simple program: Windows Movie Maker and a low budget photo camera with video function(canon Powershot).

When the librarians saw what you can do with this technique I had to make a few more vodcasts. Putting in subtitles is also very helpfull. In this way you can make multilanguage vodcasts. This was a plan but we didn't have the time.

I'm sure there must be better ways to make a vodcast or editing one. But it was really cool to do and see the oppertunity's..

What do you think of this way of drawing attention to sevices?

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Hi Tom. I like your vodcast. At the academic library where I have been on a work placement, some students will not use self-issue because they don't understand how it works, and they are worried about making mistakes. A simple instruction vodcast like this would be useful to them.
Thanks for the reactions:)

It is also there for students.. Students are always so inpatient... Vodcasts have to be short and fast althou I think my vodcasts can be done better But we just can't be prof's at everything.. I think that we do all this different new things is cool..

I'm going to the 5in5 link now... cool idea.. Nice way of interacting with the customers and readers.. Is it vieable on the library website too?


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