I was wondering if anyone is familair with the option to rate catalogue items? In the library in Arnhem, The Netherlands we're using Vubis Smart. Does anyone know if such an addon/function is possible?


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Don't know about Vubis, but our ILS vendor, Innovative, is adding this function in it's add-on (and extra cost!) discovery tool, Encore, instead of the catalog.
I believe a lot of integrated library systems have this as an option. We use Innovative Interfaces that includes a patron rating system, but we haven't turned it on. It's probably more a public library service. Plus we would have to moderate it. You know how people can be on the web!

Ann Arbor District Library uses it in their catalog. I know that they use open source. Maybe you can find out more about it from them.

blyberg.net - John Blyberg is the web developer


Hope it helps

Hi Agnes,
Really funny the link you accidentally dropped in your post leads to a DVD I saw once on TV in The Netherlands... I searched for that DVD a long time but couldn't get it in the Netherlands...

The example of how it works is a good one. I'm going to show it on my work!
Thanks for all the response, tommorow we have a meeting. I'll take this with me...



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