What do you think? I hate the way I have to scroll down Library 2.0 Ning to get to Forum and then blogs. Can' the Calendar sit at the bottom? Can't members pictures be further down as well. The priority is to see changing posts in Forum and blogs...so I much prefer the setup in ALA ning, and think that the whole point of social networking is for it to be easy.

Or have I missed something? (blush) Can I move the layout around for myself?

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I agree - I don't like the calendar taking up all the real estate. Something also seems fishy about its use - is no one attending the Computers in Library conference April 16-18, devoted to Library 2.0? If so, no one has bothered to put it down.
Good point Judy. In fact I didn't realise until you mentioned it, that the forums were further down the page on the main page. I had been using the tabs to get to them. Yes I'd like to see the forums further towards the top as discussion sharing is one of the first things I want to access.
Hi Jude. Agree with you on moving the calendar way down. I'd rather see new members' photos (rather than social butterflies) at the top of the page, I'm Aussie spotting all the time, but understand that if you're not doing this YMMV.

I'd messaged Bill about getting more forum posts displayed on the front page, as I think forum threads die too quickly once they leave the front page. Apparently it's not something he can change.
on the network homepage, the network creator can choose how many discussions (Forum) to display from the Edit link. IMHO just 3 is somehow a small number.

on other side I think blog posts should be on the top of the left column and "other library 2.0 network" and "library 2.0 dusty cloud" should be only next to it.



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