John Meier here from Penn State. Thanks to a previous life in Computer Engineering, I can grok lots of this 2.0 mumbo jumbo. I aim to bridge the gap between what is possible to do (growing) and what applies to my users, that is the topics of planning, negotiation, and marketing.

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Are forums so 1.0? Man, already I'm old. Are we supposed to Twitter instead, or just blog? I can see how blog comments can substitute for discussion forums.
It was sort of a tongue in cheek comment :) Forums are alive and well, especially in the video gaming and tech support worlds. The format of post/comment IS very blog and interactive (which implies 2.0). So we may be presently using the "oldest" web 2.0 tech...
Anybody remember the Bulletin Boards (BBS) going back to the early 80s, before the web-as-we-know-it even existed? They were really the first Internet forums, so maybe they ought be be considered Web -1.0 :)
I sorta miss the old bb systems... they were nice because they were local (unless you wanted to pay long distance to dial in!)



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