Designing a physical library space to connect with Web 2.0

If you had to design a library space. Would your design be influenced by Web 2.0 tools?. What sort of things would you incorporate in the space to enable users to connect with the library better. I'll be shortly moving our Library to a new space where there may be an opportunity to redesign how our library functions for clients. What suggestions do people have? What should I consider? A first sugestion has been to get a really good cappucino machine!

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What about service models? Flexible spaces surely need some human input to manage them. A service model for such a space would probably have to be adaptive, with inbuilt adaptability in the roles and policies of staff serving and managing those spaces.

If knowledgeable staff, friendly and professional, is a key element in the kind of library service users want, what service model should these staff follow? Defining such a model could start with something like this:
"The Faculty Liaison Librarians will be able to work with clients in..."



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