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I've started (yet another) Ning network, this one specifically for LIS students. I was inspired by Jennifer on "Life as I know it" ( who posted recently about the lack of a central place for library students to come together.

What do you think? Too many library related Ning networks now?

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Yeah, I think this is the 5th library network I'm in. Pretty addictive!
I think this would be great for students. Especially since many LIS programs are partially online. A great way to network across programs!
Heh. I have the same problem that Chris has-- too many. Can't stop joining.

That said, Ning works in such a way where it is easy to skip around from one group to the next, and keep all groups in line. I can't see this being too much of an issue.

However, if there were RSS versions available just for Ning...
Sign me up! It's not easy being an MLS student. The more support the better. It might give me some good ideas to bring back to the class.


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