Hello, everyone.

I've found that while I have very little problems with Ning in Internet Explorer, I have a lot of trouble navigating in Firefox or Opera. Certain options are not available in Firefox, or the site takes a long time to load (as with Opera). Occasionally, Opera will even crash under the strain.

Is there a preferred Web brower that is best for viewing Ning, in everyone's opinon?

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Sounds like you don't have a Mac, but I'll just add for Mac users that I have found Safari performs much quicker than Firefox with Ning.

I wonder what navaigation options you're talking about. I've been pretty disapointed so far with navigation, search and other things in Ning. Am I missing something by not using IE?

BTW, has anyone figured out a tool that will include the original topic headings in the forum RSS feed? It's pretty much worthless with NetNewsWire, as I'm never sure what posts people are referring to.
I use Firefox, and the pages load tediously slowly. Having a Ning page open seems to slow down everything else, e.g. switching between browser windows/tabs. I seem to have all functions, though, or maybe I don't miss them because I can't see them ;-)
My browser of choice is Opera, but whenever I try to use Ning in Opera, everything is dreadfully slow, and it stalls any other applications that I have on my desktop. Everything does eventually load, but even then, not all of the tabs and buttons actually work.

I have had more luck with Firefox, but it's slow to load.
Hey, Bill,

If you reload ANY page, it comes more quickly, doesn't it? I mean you're reloading it from cache on your local box.....how could it not be quicker?
IE 7 works fine for me. But that's the only browser we officially support at our library (send all flames to the bit bucket of your choice), so I've not tried it with others.

I use Firefox all the time. What am I missing?

Ning is slow for me, but I think that has to do with Ning's servers. I don't encounter the CONSISTENT sluggishness in other websites like I do Ning.
Doug, thanks. I've never heard of the extension IE tab; I'll have to try it. Should be easy, since I've gone back to Firefox to use Ning.
safari is working quite well for me...have you tried the site with flock? ning is caching the css, so there really shouldn't be any major issues unless they're using certain css elements that break in IE (like controlling video and image size via css instead of via page calls, that's a common issue)...you might try to install the firebug extension in firefox and see what's bugging out as you pull up a random ning page...
Dave, that's also a good thought, thanks.
I have the opposite problem. I have the most recent versions of Explorer and Firefox. Library 2.0 works well in Firefox, but sometimes freezes. In IE, I cannot even log in. What might cause this?
How about using Maxthon?It perhaps will solve your problem.



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