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Hi all, I just got back from CIL2007 - what a great conference! So that's how I discovered ning & the Library2.0 group (after crashing a dinner that some of you had at CIL - thanks for letting me join in - I learned a lot & enjoyed meeting you all!)

I'm the "Web Resources Librarian" for the CT State Library (do mostly webmastering and some training/presentations). I'm new to the State Library. Before that I'd done systems librarian work for a county library in CA and for a library automation network in CT. I'm excited to get to focus on web technologies here (the Web2.0 movement has been a pet interest of mine since I learned about it in 2005). I had already been blogging for personal purposes up to that point, then tried to find a way to expand it into the work sphere.

While I'm not a programmer, I'm pretty good at adapting, customizing, and troubleshooting web-based tools (of course, I do html and CSS and work with the usual suspects, from Photoshop to Dreamweaver & FrontPage (don't ask)). The IS folks here have been great to let me install various open-source tools (Wordpress, MediaWiki, etc.). We run an IIS server. I have some perl-based tools, as well as the php & mysql and we run a few .asp pages to interface with Access dbs. I'm excited to be here and hope to share experience and ideas with you all.

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Hi Sharon!
I'm *very* jealous of you going to CIL!...I went last year and it was amazing.
This year I've been attending virtually through blog posts and this fabbo community!
It sounds like our jobs and adaptability are quite similar. I'm looking forward to sharing experiences and ideas with you!
Hi Joanna,
thanks for the welcome - I'm a little tardy in replying because I took the weekend off to move (DSL is not yet moved, nor is my Dish Network!!!) and theoretically recover from CIL. I loved CIL, how much my organization could do if I could find a way to get us there! I'm glad that we have this community to rely on for ongoing discussions and advice. Have you run into any resistance to 2.0 ideas in your organization, BTW?
Hi Sharon,

I was just wondering what was happening on this site and there you were on top! Glad to hear you had a good time at CIL. I need to start reading the posts. I have an article coming out in Computers in Libraries magazine next month on our Online Library Card Registration and e-Card Service. We need to catch up, so I'll contact you soon.

Congrats on your upcoming article - sounds great! Can't wait to catch up, just moved to a new house (a few days after returning from CIL, just to keep things interesting - god forbid I sit still for a minute!) My best to you, ;) S


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