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Hi, I'm a part-time MSLS student and full-time para-professional at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. At work (CUA Libraries) I mostly deal with web maintenance and devolpment for the public site and staff intranet... as well as some reference and instruction on the side.

I was at CIL2007, sorry I didn't meet up with anyone who was there! While I'm on the topic, as nice as CIL was I don't think its for me. This was my second year and the sessions all seem to be of a very introductory nature... I was wondering if there are any conferences for people who are already messing around with these tools? Perhaps something a little more technical or theoretical? ASIS&T or LITA perhaps? I tried to get to JCDL this year but it didn't work out. :(

As for the title of this post, I admit it was mostly to get your attention but I took the inspiration from daughter. She says "quack, quack" when she's happy (10mos. old) and I think it is cool that there are so many librarians on here who are interested in Lib 2.0.

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