Perhaps we could all organize a mixer for those of us who will be attending ALA? Might be a good opportunity to not only network, but to also meet our virtual connections.


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Check out this place:

Matchbox in Chinatown (right near the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro, red and yellow lines). Only a couple of blocks from the Convention Center.
Another me, too. Date and time, anyone?
I'll get a head count and make some arrangements. This will be fun!
That sounds great to me, too!

Maybe we could get together on the evening of Saturday, June 23?
Sounds groovy! I'm in :)
I'd be interested. Sat. would work for me, at this point.
Sounds great. I'll be there.

Have you been to Pizzeria Paradiso? The Georgetown location has an excellent beer selection.
Yes, i've been there. There's also one at Dupont Circle on P ST, between 20th and 21st ST, NW
Most places here in town have Happy Hour until around 7 or 8, so if we plan right, we could take advantage of that
I'll be there, if I don't have some huge conflict. (I haven't stated on the daily schedule yet.)
Not a problem. I'd like to do it someplace that would be convenient and easy to get to for everyone. Georgetown is nice, but too touristy and not that easy to get to (thinking of metro access and keeping in mind where people would be staying). I'm thinking someplace either near Chinatown or Dupont Circle. Stay tuned.
I just got into this forum, can anybody tell me when and where will the mixer will be??






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