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Perhaps we could all organize a mixer for those of us who will be attending ALA? Might be a good opportunity to not only network, but to also meet our virtual connections.


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I'm organizing the mixer, so I'll post the time, location and date soon. Stay tuned!
Dang, makes me wish I was going to ALA. Next year...
I like Saturday evening--I think! Chinatown would work best, IMO. Dupont circle also ok. By the looks of it, someplace LARGE.
I will let you all know next Monday the location and time for the Mixer. I'm thinking in Chinatown, Matchbox Pizza or Luna Grill. Matchbox is closed on Sundays I think, but it's bigger and has a patio. Luna Grill is open every day, and also has a patio. both close to a Metro (Luna is close to Dupont Circle and Matchbox is close to Gallery Place/Chinatown, which is also very close to the convention center). Stay tuned! Thanks Steve. I'll take that into consideration. Saturday early evening would be cool I think, like around 5 or 5:30. Happy Hour!!!!

Matchbox Pizza looks great! If we don't hold the mixer there, I'll have to check it out on my own.
I'm in the process of submitting a request for a reservation at Matchbox for 20 people on Saturday, June 23rd, from about 5 or 5:30-6 or 6:30, or maybe 7. Would this be cool with everyone?

Sounds good. Close to the Conv Ctr is good; lots of us won't have cars. Thx for thinking of this!
Excellent. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Thanks, Lakegan for putting this mixer together. Count me in.
Sounds fabulous to me. I look forward to meeting everyone!
Sounds great to me too...just need to let all Library 2.0 know about it....
I'm hoping to be there - 5:30/6 at Matchbox on Saturday.


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