I've convinced myself that sites like Netvibes are the wave of the 2.0 future. This wave is characterized by modularity, where you mix, match, and mash the applications you want. Rather than keeping a set of your favorite bookmarks, you simply have them as widgets on your homepage.

Up till now, you had to go to the library site to use their catalog. But what if the catalog was a widget? You could simply drag and drop it on your blog, website, anywhere, and there it is to be used.

And what about Firefox? How come OCLC has not made itself easily available to Firefox users by allowing you to search the catalog by simply going up the upper right corner search box? Shouldn't all OPACs allow that opportunity to our users?

How many of you have OPACs that are widgets or add-ons?

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We've added the Primo search product to our OPAC and are implementing it soon. It is geared more towards Freshmen and Sophomores and we have access to our old OPAC still for those that are wanting deeper search capabilities. I know Primo has a Facebook Ap and can probably be made into a widget to put on blogs and such. I'll have to check up on that with our web team.

We (Warwick Uni Library) have a Facebook Application for our OPAC and also a seperate e-journals search for Facebook. We also have an igoogle widget for the OPAC.

How is everyone else getting on with widgets?
Hi. I couldn't find any mention of this in the discussions already, but it looks like we may get a few more widgets for Worldcat soon, as they've got a mashup event planned in Amsterdam in May 09. Cheers - Gary

Alright team, this video was made after I made some OPAC widgets for a few libraries who asked for them. These widgets allow patrons to add an access point (search box) to your library's catalog from any of their websites such as blogs, myspace, facebook, etc... This means that you can dramatically increase the traffic to your library's website, OPAC, and then to the physical library as well.

To make these widgets you don't have to know any HTML at all. I show you everything you need to know and recognize. However, if you do want to learn HTML I recommend www.w3schools.com, its free and easy.

This is my first time using final cut express. if you have any suggestions or tips or pointers, let me know. Also, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or just want to criticize please feel free to leave a message. Thank team.

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Does anyone have any suggestions with pinpointing the exact URL for the above tutorial's action="...?

I've tried numerous URLs to our library catalog and the widget simply reloads our basic search page when we enter a keyword in the widget and hit search.



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