Meebo just unveiled their latest trick: Meebo Rooms. You can create individual rooms where anyone may join and push pages, videos, etc. right on the page and chat. I thought it might be a good idea to create a Library 2.0 Meebo room where other Ning L2.0ers can chat, perhaps even embed it on the main page. Bill Drew may already be working on this but thought I'd check with the collective too about having one. Thoughts?

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Awesome. Thanks, Bill!
I go through meebo rooms and search about room called Library 2.0, but I didn’t find it, how I can find it for chat
Odd, we haven't had any weird conversations on ours. Just guests going in and out.

I don't really like the way it erases conversations after a certain time/ amount of text (not sure which). Cause I think it could be useful to track a conversation about a certain page or something. For example, if I wanted feedback on a class website I create for an instructor, I could put a room specifically for that page on the side and see if students have any comments to make.
Were you getting spam from the L2.0 widget or from the Meebo site?
I set up a meebo link on my ning site and haven't had those spammers that Bill is talking about.
I want to try this for an online library instruction session. My problem is the lack of control over the history. I'd want to be able to clear it out completely between sessions. So I guess if I try it, I'll end up creating a new room for each session, which seems a pain. I might try setting up a instruction session page, with links to tutorials and stuff, and then embed the new room in it the day of the session. That way, I can send out the link ahead of time, but still have a "fresh" room each time.

There have been a lot of complaints about control on the Meebo Rooms forum, so they will likely implement some changes
I checked the Meebo wiki and the Meebo forum but found little to go on. As you said, Meebo Rooms will likely change in the near future to address some of these issues. The instruction session using Meebo sounds really interesting--keep us updated, OK?



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