I'm curious what effects libraries have seen from their MySpace pages. I'm interested more in the direct, measurable impacts -- the "X people came to this program that they learned about on our MySpace page" -- than the general "We're reaching users and potential users on MySpace". (Not that I'm dismissing the value of simply having a presence -- positive effects often aren't immediately quantifiable; I just feel that that particular topic has been reasonably well canvassed.)

I'll admit that my one (non-work-related) attempt to use MySpace as a promotional tool didn't have much of an impact despite a pretty heavy amount of effort. I'd love to hear success stories, however.

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Greg, good question, but we combine MySpace page announcements and bulletins of events and activities with other methods (flyers, slides, emails etc.) so we don't have the discrete measure you are looking for. And I don't want to risk having students not hear of an event or activity by restricting how it is announced just so I can have that metric. But judging from profile page views (over 3100) and friends (over 670), some percentage of these views/friends appear to find the profile or link useful. FYI, here's the link to the profile: www.myspace.com/ctclibrary .

Hope that is helpful. Happy to supply other details if desired




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