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Hello everyone,

My name is Mary Hricko and I'm the Library Director at Kent State Geauga. I'm interested in how people are using Library 2.0 applications in their work and research and I'm looking forward to meeting and talking to you. My background is in online assessment and elearning technologies.

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Hi Mary, I am also interested in Library 2.0 applications. I got interested in how Web 2.0 technologies allow us (adults) can gain more understanding and therefore reach them in ways and places that are convenient to them. Case in point, will putting a tutorial on YouTube "pollute" their environment and cause a backlash? I've heard both sides of the argument - stay away from Facebook (they don't want you there) and make a profile on Facebook, that's where they live and (learn, the type that is constant and unconscious). So I am finding out by doing. But first, I have to learn the culture and the ways to communicate. That's why I'm here...
dora wong
Hi Mary,

Did you get any responses to your requestion? I'm interested in what other librarians are saying. What kind of library 2.0 are you doing?
Well, I'm planning on using it for instructors who are teaching online courses and need a site for library instruction other than the traditional web site resources--we use chat reference at Kent, but I wanted to have a more robust set-up and include an interactive site where students could come and work on research projects together.
Have you thought about using a wiki for interactive projects? They are quick and easy to set up and are designed to be interactive. I've used them to create community around workshops--I create them in lieu of a handout and then invite the participants to add their own info (i.e. ICQ numbers for a workshop on IM or problems for a workshop on providing CHAT service). I've been using pbwiki, but I know there are a lot of other good products (mediawiki) if you'd like to host it yourself. I also have a facebook page, and we're hosting a Lib 2.0 conference in June to uncover other ways people are using 2.0 in our region. We're just learning the tools right now.
I like wikis--but when I try to get some of the "traditionalists" to buy into the concept, they say "wiki? what's a wiki?" I'm working with a tough group here.
Ah yes. I've had some trouble here as well. They are just such a killer ap for some situations... :)


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