I'm working on a presentation, and I wanted to find some blogs that review web sites, from a reference librarian perspective. I have plenty of blogs that review technology and search engines and 2.0 tools, but very few that profile interesting websites that reference librarians would be interested in. Any ideas?

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Well, we host a blog that reviews information tools. We are 6 reference librarians, and I have been told that reference librarians are finding useful tools for reference work. Although that is not necessarily the main focus of the site. The main focus is talking about info tools anyone might find useful/interesting/or fun.

As you know, I love infodoodads, and i'll probably mention it for the conference presentation (it's at the Oregon Virtual Reference Summit). Most of our focus is on web sites as resources, even though i have the sneaking feeling that 'everything is ongoing' and with RSS feeds cropping up everywhere the distinction between blogs and web pages will decrease, blah blah blah... I have found a couple of places in the intervening time: ResourceDesk is one, and LII is another, with their RSS feed to newly added sites.
I had no idea you loved infodoodads, but thanks. :)

Perhaps you'll find this to be a good resources: http://instructionwiki.org/Main_Page
Hi Sam,
I'm not sure if this is what you want... I have been blogging for a little while and put websites of interest for colleagues and polytechnic academic staff. Some entries are brief others more descriptive.

Kind regards

I just find this queries. I frequently visited http://web.resourceshelf.com/go/resourceblog/ for reference. They are awesome!



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