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Our library webpage runs on a CMS that is, to put it mildly, not really accessible (DynamicsWeb). It's all tables, all the time. I am looking into alternatives and so far it seems as if most of the availible CMS suffer from similiar issues.

Do any of you have any positive experiences with CMS you could share?

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Try this link,

It has a review of every Content Management Service available. I found it off of this blog

Very cool stuff. Everyone likes Drupal though.
That is a quite impressive site. Good thing I like researching technology ;)
Last summer we migrated most of our library website onto the campus' commercial CMS (from Ingeniux, see the listing on the website that Jeff provided) and it has worked out pretty well for us, although it's probably too expensive for a library site alone. It's entirely XML and XSLT-based, generating XHTML output that can be combined with CSS style sheets, which means that you can design the main templates in accessible ways and they'll then be applied to an entire site's web pages. Because of this approach, some 16,000 campus web pages are essentially made compliant with accessibility standards through the editing of a handful of XSLT pages and the accompanying style sheets. However, this adherence to a couple of standard templates means that we don't have access to a lot of other features we'd like, including blogs and RSS-generated content blocks, and we still maintain some dynamically-generated content on our own library server as well.

I don't know about Drupal's underlying layout enough to know whether it's easy to make it compliant or not, but others on this forum are quite expert with Drupal and can hopefully respond. I have experimented a bit with Joomla, which also uses some tables, but also CSS, and I just ran an accessibility checker against my test site's home page and it passed the top level of automatic verification, so you may want to give Joomla a look as well at

Good luck, and I'm sure that the forum would love to hear which CMS you end up selecting.



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