To fill in an application for a Fulbright program I need to mention at least three institutions in the USA I would prefer to visit or study at. I have some ideas based on my own web-site analysis. But maybe you can recommend some university or library that will be of a great help for a young lady interested in virtual reference, realization web 2.0 ideas and teaching information literacy.
Thanks in advance

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Have you considered these?
The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (NC) See both the main website and the incredible Imaginon

San Jose Public Library (CA) The main library is a joint venture public and university library.
Thank you, Gail.
San Jose State University suits perfectly, and San Jose Public Library sounds wonderful :)
I do not have the authority to offer a position at my library, but I think Utah State University would be a great place for many of the things you are interested in. Our coordinator of information literacy (Wendy Holliday) is a very dynamic and innovative person. Our information literacy program is great. We have a lot of young librarians who are ready to deploy are kinds of 2.0 concepts. We have blogs, wikis, IM. We have students on distant campuses that need virtual reference. We already use email and IM for them. We will probably start using Skype and Breeze very soon. I think you would have a great experience here. Drawbacks: we are in a small town in Utah. But the skiing is great!
Thank you for the invitation, Steve, but I must confess that your USU is already on the list :)
Though I hate skiing ;)
Good luck with your application.
Hope to meet you in person next year.



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