Hi 2.0 folks,

I'm looking for a web application that would function as a to-do list, or even project management software. (I got this idea from reading all the posts concerning Twitter vs. Jaiku.

The connection to Library 2.0 is one of staffing - that to increase transparency, if we could have our priorities made available to each other, we'd increase the opportunity for being an open workplace and increase communication.

I see there is a very brief evaluation of such applications in the article Do More: Online To Do Lists Compared (on TechCrunch).

But since I trust librarians, I was wondering if anyone here on Library 2.0 had tried any of these products or had some thoughts to share.

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Hi Bob,

From the list you've seen, I use Ta-da lists and Remember the Milk, but they are better for simple lists rather than project management. If you're looking for a free program, you might want to take a look at Zoho Projects, it's one of the many Zoho office applications. I've used their Zoho Writer and Sheet programs and been happy with both. The Projects app is free for 1 project, you can sign in as a demo user and test out the waters. http://www.zoho.com/

Good luck!
I have used - and abandoned - most of those lsited. I agree with Ellyssa that RTM is very good, as are the Zoho suite, but I would also say look at the rest of the 37 Signals suite too http://www.37signals.com/ - they do Ta-da - esp thier basecamp and backpack offerings which lean more towards projects. The other option of course would be to use a wiki.
I use GTD TiddlyWIki, which stays with me while I'm off-line, is free and simple to use. But I also like Remember the Milk and all the products from 37signals.



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