In trying to promote social networking tools to folks in the "early majority" and "late majority" category, I was confronted with the need to provide down-to-earth, nuts and bolts uses rather than just 'possibilities.' To get the majority to adopt a new technology, i think you need to be very practical, and show exactly how it can work to their advantage. So, I've started a blog/page to explore and discuss the topic, with the idea of building a presentation around it to take to conferences next year. I've got some super basic and practical models for social bookmarking, blogs, and RSS feeds, and how to integrate them with each other in a library setting for mutual benefit.

Input? Ideas?


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As I write this posting, Online Social Networks, Virtual Communities, Enterprises, and Information Professionals, SEGMENT 1 of 3: Past and Present is going to the printer and will be in Searcher Magazine this month. I would like to connect with you and share some ideas, like:

Enterprise social networking can evolve into complex Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). The owners/corporate champions of these networks will be highly valued and impact the enterprise at a strategic level.

Information professionals and librarians are in a special position to "own" the enterprise social networking solution.

Corporate social networks will have a positive and dramatic impact on Knowledge Management.

Over and out,
I'll be looking for the new Searcher, but it sometimes takes a while for new magazines to filter through the system to my desk. It does seem like now is the best time to start very practical, down-to-earth social networking strategies at the library, to really appeal to the majority and administrations that haven't embraced the new technologies yet. As far as the future goes, it seems like social networking will be around for a good long time, and the sooner we can get it together for our libraries, the better! I do find myself in the role of "champion" of social networking ideas, but it can be an uphill battle just to find the right way to described social networking to other professionals who feel they are getting along just fine without it.
It's an interesting idea, Sam...I'm intrigued that you chose a blog format. Good luck to you. It will be interesting to see a publication that deals with Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 technologies without the words "Millenials" in the title.

As an aside, some librarians have thrown together InfoDoodads, to explain web-based information technologies.
Infodoodads is one of my favorite blogs! I chose the blog format in this case because i'm not ready to let my ideas go yet - in that case I'd use a wiki. Also, I like that Wordpress has pages - you can have a blog on the front, with more static items on the pages, and that's kind of where this project/idea is at.



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