Hi everyone,

I'm just curious how many of you have developed your own school library websites? Do you feel that they have improved your profile in the school community? Do they provide better access to resources for your students/staff?


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I developed our library website last year. You can access it here http://strathconaschool.ca/index.php/site/library_home

Yes, the students benefit from having access to the site. They like that they can access it anywhere---I am currently revamping it so it incorporates more of the web 2.0 tools and I am trying to add a "for teachers" section. Haven't gotten all of the ins and outs figured out yet but do believe all schools should have a virtual space for students to access.

I have created my own school library website, as well as "Monthly Holidays". http://kingston.cherryhill.k12.nj.us/Library/libraryindex.htm
Our school also uses "eboards", which work well for individual lessons. Many times I will just use the same links I have on the student resource page but will copy it onto the grade level eboard for easier access. I know my students and staff use the web page. Jini
Hi Everyone

YES I definitely think that the Van Meter Library VOICE Google Site that I developed this year has made us more heard by Van Meter and by others too. Being a school with a 1:1 laptop initiative VOICE gives everyone a great resource that is always available. I have filled the site with tons of Web 2.0 tool, subject resources, teacher resources, fun sites to go to, author and book sites, etc....I update my site daily it feels like. :)

I also have started two blogs....Van Meter Library VOICE for secondary or anyone really :)

and Van Meter Elementary Library VOICE (more geared towards elementary....

I love looking at others library sites and blogs too! :)
There is a great directory of school library websites across the country and throughout the globe at http://www.school-libraries.net/. It's fun to explore different approaches to such pages.

BTW, the moderator, Ray Barber, is looking for folks in various states to help him keep the links up to date. As you can imagine it's a daunting task. I've signed on the help with California sites. Maybe someone from your state can help out as well. The State Coordinators link will take you to a page which lists the states and countries which currently have coordinators.


We are seeing any librarian and media specialists creating their own "channels" on SchoolTube.com to enhance their sites and utilize for all their video storing needs.  It is a great way to actually "show" what is going on in their schools or libraries and a great way to share with parents, other teachers, students and anyone that may visit thier sites if they have one. 

 They can also use the link from thier channel in any trasmissions (e-mail, or other social media outlets) to diplay their channel.  Best of all this is absolutely free to create, simply register under your school for your free account! 

Here are just a couple examples to share with you all






Hi Tracy and Everybody,


The school I work at hosts our website and we develop the content but not the layout. We actually made improvements a few years ago so that the library webpages are not as deeply buried as they once were. We also use LibGuides by Springshare which helps bring up our profile among the students, faculty and staff. Having multiple access points has definitely helped make our resources more accessible to the community.


Good question and enjoying reading the responses on this thread.


Take care.



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