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Hello to all,
I joined this network along with a couple other Ning networks in April and I'm just now getting around to introducing myself. I also created a private Ning network at the same time, which has been taking up my time (also a great learning experience). I thought I could easily make it public after it was created and found out after the fact that it is not currently possible to do so (though Ning developers are working hard to change that and say some time this summer it will be possible).

I am currently an assistant director of a public library. In August I will return to academic libraries in the position of Reference & Distance Services Librarian at a small liberal arts university in Portland, Oregon, USA.

I use many Web 2.0 tools in my work and I'm excited about learning what others are finding truly useful. My private (hopefully soon to be public) Ning network is called "Relevant Libraries/Librarians." The difference from this one being that I want my network to be focused on relevance, which means not everything will be on 2.0 topics.

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Hi Robin -- how fun to see you here! :-)

Looking forward to checking out your network later this summer :)

Hi Darci! Yeah, small world, huh? I'm running into more and more people I know in the virtual world. Web 2.0 stuff can be fun and also a bit distracting at times, I'm trying to stay focused on what is really useful, which is why the Relevant Libraries/Librarians network. I really wish I had made it public though. Oh well, see you around!


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