I'm quite impressed with the unveiling of LibGuides (a Springshare product), and what it can do for the traditional library resources portal. Anyone out there working with LibGuides or similar services?

We're in the beginning stages of having something wiki-like that we can host in our servers (share resources between librarians, create subject guides, etc.), preferably free , that is not ad-supported (I'm asking for the moon here, aren't I?). LibGuides sounds perfect, but it's a web-hosted system. Wikimedia and Socialtext are options, but right now I don't know what's "out there" to really compare. So far LibGuides is kicking butt so far...

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I heard a presentation by Nicole Engard at Internet Librarian last year. Her presentation slides are online but don't give you a lot of substance. She did provide a link to an exhaustive list of wiki engines.

If I recall correctly, she created her own wiki in order to get the functionality she wanted. I'll bet she'd be glad to answer any questions you have. Her email address is in the slide presentation. Good luck!
Thanks for the info, blgThree. The Wiki Engines page looks promising!
Look at iVia, LibData, and Researchguide from my list of library oss products
Thanks, Laura! I'll check into these as well, as I didn't think of OSS as a possible venue and your links look like what I'm looking for. Sweet!
Would LISWiki (http://liswiki.org/wiki/Main_Page) be an appropriate place for this? Since the wiki is already started, it might be easier than creating a new one.
Memo: Had you considered something like Twiki? I heard a representative from Thomson Learning discussing this open source wiki software last week and it would seem to me to fit your basic requirements.

Click through at: http://www.publishingtrends.com/copy/07/0702/0702Thomson.html or alternatively download the slides Asheesh Birla of Thomson used at the O'Reilly Conference last week from this URL:
Mary, LISWiki could also be an alternative. Jill, I'll check the link as well. Thanks both of you for giving me links for further consideration.

Bill, if we as librarians could create a system that was wiki-like in its collaboration, with the ease of LibGuides functionality and widgets--and was open source to boot--I'd jump at the chance. I just wish I had the programing skills to create something like that. If anyone out there on the web is doing such a thing, let's expose it.



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