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Don't forget the Library 2.0 mixer at Front Page on Saturday, June 23rd at 5:30pm. Details below:

I've made a reservation at Front Page Restaurant for Saturday, June 23rd at 5:30 (5pm would be better Tom said) under my name, Lakegan. Front Page is VERY close to the Dupont Circle Metro (Red Line, Dupont SOUTH exit, it's right across the street) on the right hand side if you exit from the SOUTH exit of Dupont Circle Metro. Sorry I was not able to get something close to the convention center. It will be cash and carry, so bring cash (will make it easier), and we can order food and drinks from the bartender. Any questions, please email me directly:
Hope to see you all there.

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That was a great mixer, Lakegan, and good to see all the peeps in the 3rd dimension. Thanks again for setting it all up.
Hey! Who stole my wallet? Just kidding. :) Great time. Thanks Lakegan. Everybody post your pictures.
Good times, eh? Thanks, Lakegan! I have the evidence up on my Flickr page. Feel free to name yourselves/add notes if I took your picture but failed to name names. I'll put some more later, but right now I'm going to bed...

I looked at your Flickr photos on Monday morning. Then I went to one last committee meeting at ALA and looked out the window of the meeting room and what did I see: that "Computers and Liquor" store you took at picture of! Synchronicity!
It was awesome meeting everyone, We really did have fun! Loved those pictures, Memo, and thanks to Steven, too, for making sure I didn't get lost in the Metro. Everyone who was there needs to check in, Lakegan said we'd all get an Add. :)
Hey all! Thanks for showing up! I had a great time and it was very nice meeting you all! Hope you had a great time in DC (in spite of the WARM weather). I've loaded the Mixer pics to my Flickr page as well. Please view:
Library 2.0 Ning Mixer pics. Sorry I couldn't remember all the names either (too much vodka?), but I did my best...or TRIED to anyway.

Nice photos, Keegs. That food looks REALLY good!
It was great meeting everyone! I hope we can all do it again soon! ;-)


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