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I'm Kevin Griffith, and I'm the Adult Services Coordinator for the Pasco County Library System in Pasco County Florida. I've been with the PCLS for almost 7 years. I started out here while I was finishing my MLIS degree at the University of South Florida, became a Reference Librarian, then a Branch Manager, then the Reference Services Coordinator, and finally the Adult Sevices Coordinator. I worked in libraries in junior high school, high school, and in college (while I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art), so it's no surprise that I ended up where I am. (I was actually the kind of guy who would take my girlfriend to the library so that we could read together - that's how much of a library geek I was.) My undergraduate degree is in Creative Writing/Screenwriting. I've been married for 18 years to the most patient woman on the planet, and we share a house with what passes as our family (three dogs, a bird, and a cat).

I am profoundly interested in Leadership at every level, and I believe that each one of us is obligated to fulfill whatever leadership potential we have slumbering within us.

So, what about you?
My name is Paul Stonebridge. I am a reference librarian and teen programmer for the Pasco County Librarian System ( I started here in January of 2005 at the New River Branch Library in Zephyrhills, FL (yes, the same place the bottled water comes from). I have a Bachelor's in Pyschology with some Medieval History tacked on for good measure, as well as my trusty MLIS. All of these lovely educational achievements were attained at the University of South Florida.

Aside from the library work and teen programming, I am a man of many interests. I teach medieval European-style swordfighting, both stage combat and the real, martial arts variety. In keeping with the swordfighting motif, I am also into historical re-enactment and Renaissance festivals. Costumes are expensive, so I tend to make my own, as well as chain and leather armor. In the past few years, I have been a heavy metal DJ on an FM radio station and I still support the local music scene. Radio makes for some interesting perspectives.

Travel is probably my biggest passion in my personal life. I have been across a good chunk of the globe at this point and try to go to at least one new locale every year. Asia, specifically Japan, is my top cultural choice. I have spent the most time in Japan and plan to return there this August for about three weeks. In late October, I will also be visiting Romania for the first time. Let's hear it for new EU countries!

I use my experience with Japanese and Asian culture to lecture on modern Japan in a number of settings, including library programs, school outreach, and Friends of the Library groups. I love to lay out a selection of Asian foods and make the audience taste them. It's absolutely hysterical to watch a 7-year-old girl try things that a grown man will not. Pickled squid, anyone? The same goes for a swordfighting show and a pirate show that I have developed (no Asian food here, though).

I believe that leadership can take many forms, but there is a distinct difference between leadership and management. Leaders take us forward. Managers keep things together that the leaders have created in their wake.
Hi there! I'm Carla Fountain and work as the Human Resources Manager at the Orange County Library System in Orlando, Florida. I'm nearing the completion of my 16th year here (yes, I started when I was just 10 years old!). I never pictured myself working at the library where I hung out here upon occasion as a teenager. My Bachelor's Degree in Psychology was initially going to assist me in saving the world. When I realized that I also needed to pay bills and eat while saving the world I considered other career paths and discovered human resources. After working in the private sector for several years, I decided I needed a change of venue and lucked into this opportunity at OCLS. I can honestly say it's been an exciting time to be at OCLS and I feel very fortunate to be here.

When I'm not at work - well, there's not too much of that kind of time, these days, but I do enjoy spending time with my family and friends and dreaming about a getaway home in the mountains somewhere.

I'm Nancy Fredericks, the branch manager at Land O' Lakes Library. While working In libraries, I have held positions as a youth services librarian, reference librarian and circulation supervisor. Before working at the library, I ran a small business with my husband. I earned my MLIS at the University of South Florida and my BA in Business Administration from St. Leo University. I am very interested in organizational behavior, which to me is examination of a whole organization- the people, the culture, the organization's history, group dynamics, leadership, etc. I have seen good leadership take an unhealthy organization and turn it into a healthy one.
I wonder, how much of an organization's success is due to good leadership? Is it possible to be an effective leader in an unhealthy organization?
I'm Bob Kosovsky, Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts of the Music Division, in The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

My interest in management and leadership began when I moved into this job about 3 years ago. Since that time, I've had direct exposure to library consultants such as Lou Wetherbee and Maureen Sullivan, have attended a number of seminars, and read quite a few books and articles. From January through June, I participated in a "Leadership Academy," a program that The New York Public Library created to help train and prepare staff to accept and take on additional responsibilities.

That's it for now. If you have questions, please feel free to ask!
I'm working with Infopeople on a California library leadership institute for 2008 and would like to hear about any experiences people have had related to leadership training. Information about the Infopeople Eureka Leadership Program is at
Hi all!
I also have a long history with libraries, but it has more to do with my DNA. My mother, grandmother and grandfather were all librarians...I'm almost tempted to go into genealogy to see if I can find more librarians! My mother raised me by herself and brought me to work with her a lot. My mother was Head of the Fine Arts Library at the University of Texas at Austin at the height of her career, and I never doubted that someday I would be a competent and visionary leader like my mother. My Bachelor's is in Art History and my Master's is Master of Science in Information MLA equivalent with a strong emphasis on IT. I am currently frustrated by a job I love that pays a paralibrarian salary. Luckily, I supervise 6 people and am learning how to be an effective leader in a "trial by fire" situation.
That's me in a nutshell, let me know if you have figured out how to get out of a nutshell!
I am currently a branch manager in the Nashville Public Library system. My branch is the busiest branch per square foot in our system. We are extremely busy and have a very demanding clientele, but I love my job, my staff, and the public that we serve.

I was an academic late bloomer and completed my BS in elementary education at age 35. I taught school for 5 years and then received a fellowship to get a Media Specialist degree at the University of Alabama. During my first semester there, I decided I didn't want to return to a school setting and was allowed to keep the fellowship and pursue my own interests. My first job after graduation with the MLS degree (Master of Library Service) was in a small public library in Shelby County, Alabama. My boss was an excellent mentor for me. From there I job hopped for my then husband's career and moved to Memphis, Tennessee where I first worked in an urban community college setting doing a temporary stint in reference. I eventually got a permanent position at a hospital College of Health Sciences in town, and after about a year took a position in Tampa, Florida (another job hop not of my own choosing) where I created a Library and Learning Resources program for AHEC at the USF College of Medicine. The job was as a solo librarian and involved outreach to a 9 county area and presented unique challenges. That position ended after seven years (job description rewritten, no real interest on my part) and, after a 5 month period of unemployment during which time I made lots of pottery, I was hired as a branch manager for the Pasco County Library System. That was an intense learning experience for me, and after a year I took a position in Nashville where I am experiencing good success, am very happy, and intend to stay until retirement in about 10 or 11 years.

The concept of leadership interests me because I have had the opportunity to work for some great library leaders. I've also worked for some (what I consider to be) bad ones. The great ones have had the vision and energy and skill necessary to take their systems to the forefront of the field. The bad ones didn't do anything except what they were required to do, and some were, IMHO, detrimental to their systems. I'd like to develop the skill to truly lead and not just manage. In my current position, I have had success at accomplishing things that my predecessors have not. And I am good at implementing the concepts developed by our system Director. But I'm hoping to step forward and truly lead, not just be a good soldier.
My name is Rhonda Gonzales. I'm Dean of Library Services at Colorado State University - Pueblo. I started in libraries, like many of you, as a student worker at Tutt Library at Colorado College. After graduation, I took a permanent job in Cataloging, which I kept for several years before deciding to attend graduate school. I received my MSLIS degree from Simmons College in 1993. Since then I have mostly worked in Library Instruction, Reference, and Administration, with shorter jaunts in ILL, Systems, Serials, and Reader's Advisory.

I have served in my current position for almost 4 years now and am lucky to work with a great staff at a great institution! I'm hoping to learn from all of you and to have a venue for discussions regarding all the administrative issues that come my way.

After retiring from the military (US Army) I "retooled" as a librarian with a MLS from Indiana University in Indianapolis (yes, my Alma Mater is IUPUI - pronounce "ou-ee-pu-ee"). I also have my bachelors in education from IUPUI as well, but a long time ago. I stepped into an opportunity to help establish a new graduate school with the mission of developing the library. So one year before I finished my MLS I was a library director - just nothing to direct. Ten years later we've moved from 10k holdings of varied and assorted resources to over 52k but in the same foot print. We are in a capital campaign to expand our facility increasing the foot print almost 250%. I now have a staff of six and a weak budget but trying to stay focused on a vision of a worthy academic library. Hopefully before I get too old to shelve books!


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