The library home page comes up when our users logon to public computers. Does anyone have a separate start page for their public computers?

Our home page is fine, but it tells them about finding books, going to library programs. All good, but not exactly what our users have in mind. Plus, many users have a difficult time with address bars and clicking.

Has anyone set up a start page with big links to web sites most of your users go to most often: Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, MySpace, YouTube, etc.? I am not thinking of netvibes or pageflakes, just a bunch of buttons on desktop or start web page.

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Our public computers go to the library homepage, but we did make a customized wallpaper for the desktop. It has the library name, picture, and a reminder to log off when they are finished. We were going to make two versions, one for computers that weren't hooked up to a printer and one for those that were, but IT solved that problem by hooking all of our public computers to the networked printers on the first floor. (People still get confused about *where* the printers are, but at least everything does print.) IT said that we could design the desktop however we wanted, as long as all the public computers were the same.

(Just to clarify, public computers at my institution are all handled by IT's Academic Computing. We do have a library IT person, but he handles staff computers, not the public ones.)
My library does have a special public computer start-up page, that I created about a year ago. The goal was to put the most popular or useful tools and information on this page, and keep it continually updated. It hasn't really been updated since, because it is a static html page. I still have improving this page on my plate, but would like to twist in tools like wordpress and to do it.

Also, I'd like to make google less prominent, by either choosing or, or using a couple search engines. However, simplicity is also a prime goal, and too many options would just make things worth.

The other long-range goal is to not have a separate start-up page, but rather have our website's Reference page be this useful and serve this purpose.



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