July 7, 2007

Hello Fellow Library 2.0 Members:

I am an LIS student at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I am currently taking a class in Research Methods. For my research proposal, I thought it would be interesting to conduct a survey of Library 2.0 members to find out what groups you have joined, where you are from, and other demographic and interest related questions. Please know that all information collected is confidential. As of today, there are 1923 members (which I am sure will change soon!) in Library 2.0.; I am inviting everyone to participate. After all the data is collected and compiled, I will share the results if everyone is interested. If at least two people would complete the survey today, I would be very grateful as I need to get pretest results before tomorrow when I turn this exercise in! Thank you for your time and interest; I am excited about finding out the outcome of the survey!

Here is the link to the survey from SurveyMonkey: July 7, 2007

Click Here to take survey
I would appreciate it if you would send me any comments about how I could improve the survey. Thanks!

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How is Internet 1.0 defined? :-) Is it supposed to include e-mail?

Why two questions of gender? (#4 & #5)

Is that forums on Ning, or just forums? (the question, and the following one make it unclear)

Did you know you can check both yes and no on the questions? :-)

Carol Bean
Thanks, Carol, for taking the survey and letting me know any problems or questions! I define Internet 1.0 as the Internet which does not use free software. Maybe I'm wrong?
I noticed the #4 and 5 question just now as I was looking at your results.
Yes, I knew you can check all and any answers...maybe I need to revise the kind of questions. When I first started making up the survey, I only had a free account so didn't have many choices as to how I could do the questions. I'll see if I can correct some of these problems...that's why I need to do a pretest! Thanks again for the feedback! You are the greatest! Julie

I took the survey, but I feel you should have thought it out much more carefully.. Almost every question was worded very ambiguously, and the construction of the last question was "not right."

Library 2.0 is in part, about collaborations. Had you just shared the construction of the survey with people here, you would have been able to refine it and make the resulting answers more meaningful.
Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. That's a great idea about asking people on Library 2.0 to collaborate about the questions. However, I initially created another survey for academic librarians about the future of academic librarianship in 20 years. I used many different ideas about what may be different in the future. After realizing it was very complicated and seeing that the other students in my class had created quite simple surveys that asked basic questions, I decided to do the same. I realize it is probably boring in its simplicity and the questions are not exactly meaningful. My purpose is to obtain demographics of users and purpose of users of Library 2.0. The meaningful questions would be more open-ended in a qualitative study. Please realize that this class is only 10 weeks for the summer; I am extremely frustrated that I do not have more time to create a proposal. It is only a proposal and not a research project. Perhaps I should not have submitted it this group since I am not actually doing the research, but I am interested in the process of creating a survey. This is my first and, because of respondents' questions, such as yours, I am learning so much. Thank you for your time. Julie
Bob, because of your comments, I plan on adding these two comments to the survey. Because this is a partial pretest, I will be continually revising the survey. Of course, this doesn't make it valid, but I appreciate everyone's help in being involved in the learning process!
Click Here to take survey
Well, I took the survey, but I am affraid I could have misunderstood some questions. Will be interesring to see the results :)
Hello Julie,
I work in a data archive where all we have are surveys, so I am always interested to know when someone is collecting data. At the same time, I wondered if you could give some more background on the data collection. Usually a survey is conducted to test some assumption or hypothesis. So, what are the assumptions you want to test? Can you give some ideas on how the questions or their statistical analysis will allow you to test those assumptions? I see a lot of SurveyMonkey these days and I wonder if the results will give you material you can use. Normally SurveyMonkey let you see some basic descriptive details about the responses to each question, but you can't do any correlations among responses or response categories, or make any statements about probability or causality. Will you be importing the data into a statistical package such as SPSS or STATA?
best wishes,
Hi Libbie, Sorry it's taken me so long to answer you. I've been totally involved in writing a research proposal for my research class. For the purpose of doing the SurveyMonky survey, I had to create it and send it out in two days (because of a deadline for that assignment). I previously had done another survey about academic librarians but changed it at the last moment. So the survey I sent to Library 2.0 was only based on using basic demographic information and and finding out some interests. That was basically it. The research proposal I did write did not have any connection with the survey. I will post the results soon for the survey. If you are interested in reading my research proposal, I will add it as an attachment. It's called: Understanding Academic Librarians' Perceptions and Attitudes of Open-source Technology and the User. Thanks for your post. Julie



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