I'm putting together a new workshop which will explore what's happening with Web 2.0 technologies for library support staff and would like to ask all of you who are in these roles what you thought would be important to cover in such a session? What new tools are helping support staff do their jobs more efficiently? Which tools do you wish you knew more about? I've made some suggestions below, but I'd love to hear your opinions about these and other technologies you think might be relevant.

-social bookmarking tools
-productivity tools (GoogleApps, etc.)
-RSS Readers
-Start Pages
-Hosted Storage
-Email Utilities
-File Conversion Tools
-Newsletter Creators


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Hi Ellyssa,

Our staff page (www.hclib.org/staff) has a lot of great uses for our support staff personnel. Often they used shared computers and profiles so they use web and browser based applications to access email and other accounts.

I would love to have us do our scheduling online but I've received push-back every time I've suggested it. I would also like to see blogs and wikis to keep track of blips in procedures and events of note that inevitably occur. Overall, it would be nice to have better communication and some sort of single point (like the staff web) where support staff could instantly access records of happenings and changes on any given day at our library.

Let me know how your presentation goes,
Del.icio.us will be such a big help. I have now organized all my sites at home. I ca't wait to get to my sschool files. I have folders inside folders and can never find anything. I just can't believe I didn't know this earlier. Makes you wonder what else is out there. The School Learning Library Web2 is a great tutorial.
If your attendees do not know about delicious, tell them.
I've also been playing around with a blog for some of our computer and AMH problems and I'm thinking about using wikis for some of our procedures that have become outdated.



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