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I'm looking for a good webcast/podcast that introduces the basic concepts of web 2.0/library 2.0. Preferably it would run around 30 minutes and would be both interesting and appropriate for people who know nothing about these concepts. Does anyone know of a good one that I can look at?

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You can search YOUTUbe and find some great clips that provide really cool overviews on Web2.0. One of the clips that I found explains the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 and also provides a nice history. I believe its from UTECH TIPS.
Hope this helps.

check this out,

P.S Mary as you refer the youtube, there is one great resource for ppt's that i really like:

Believe it or not YouTube has quite a few good videos....not sure if that is what you are really looking for. The Machine Is Us/ing Us was shown at Computer in Libraries conference the year. Also Charlotte & Mecklenburg County has a great program called Learning 2.0 which we here in Maryland are using as well. Great thing about Learning 2.0/23 Things is people learn through play - playing with the exact Web 2.0 software that they are learning about. I hope this helps.


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