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I joined this community to get inspiration from others who are using library 2.0 in their libraries and after only one week I have already learned so much. I am a 'stay-at-home-mom librarian' and while at home I have started my own web design business ( ) and started teaching online library science classes. I live in a rural area and am really interested in learning more about how library 2.0 can be applied to small libraries and also how web 2.0 can be applied to small websites.

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Hi Jenna,
I noticed you are in New Mexico, and so I couldn't resist saying hello. I love New Mexico! Went to high school (LONG time ago) in Roswell and was a librarian at ENMU for 5 years. I am in South Texas right now but someday maybe I'll get to live there again. I have lived a lot of places but that feels the most like home.
I looked at your web site -- beautiful! Best of luck with your business!

I am also looking for ways that web2.0 can be used in smaller library web sites -- still looking around -- I am new to all this and still learning a lot. I'm sure you know how busy it is working in a library and I don't have the time to devote to it that I'd like. Also, there seems to be little or no interest here -- but it all takes time.

Linda ;~)
Thanks Linda! New Mexico truly is the most amazing place I have ever lived or want to live--I plan on staying a long time! I haven't made it to Roswell yet, but hope to soon!

In our little community I feel like web 2.0 stuff (for the library or otherwise) is not important because everyone knows each other and dosen't really need that digital social network. I think people would rather get together in person! Let me know if you come up with any ideas!

Thanks for writing!
I, too, am interested in discovering ways to implement Internet 2.0 to enrich and inform in a small library setting. I'm grateful to have a director who is enthusiastic about the idea, so it is just that question of time that keeps arising.

I'm also learning web design with a view toward building our website, so applying web 2.0 to that is another fun challenge I'm interested in learning more about.
Hi! we corresponded once in Library 2.0 and I just wanted to let you know I started a Rural Library group to discuss 2.0 in the smaller library like we talked about. There is another really inspiring library that joined from Vermont. Come and check it out!


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