Hi all,

I'm the founder of BookJetty.com, which started off as my pet project to solve my problem of having to swap between Amazon.com and Singapore National library OPAC system.

But slowly it has evolved into a book cataloging system and a social networking site for book lovers, as to solve more needs that I have as a library user and book lovers.

Lately, I found out more about Library 2.0, and I'm glad that the libraries are moving towards that direction. And I realized that hey... BookJetty may have started to hit into some aspects of the idea behind Library 2.0.

As this network is the group of Library 2.0 experts, and I'd like to invite all of you to review BookJetty, and see do you guys think about an idea like BookJetty fits into Library 2.0 movement.

As I'm planning to grow BookJetty further and to integrate it with more libraries around the world, your advice, comments and feedback will be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Nice work, I really like your interface and the direction you are taking. With the user tagging, shout-outs, social connections, mashups with Amazon and the National Library, I'd say this clearly fits into the Library 2.0 movement.

Have you looked at the similar work that Tim Spalding has done with LibraryThing?

Thank you Steve.

Yeah, I found out about LibraryThing after BookJetty first release, it's an amazing piece of system that integrates well with libraries.



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