I'm a future librarian present library student and I'm currently putting together information about the future of social networking on the internet in libraries. If anyone sees this and knows of something I *MUST* read, I'd be happy to get recommendations!

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Welcome Emily! Educause has does a nice (and short) overview of Facebook with "7 things you should know about Facebook" and if you're interested in the teen demographic, Pew has a couple of interesting reports they issued earlier this year: Teens, Privacy and Online Social Networks and Social Networking Websites and Teens . You might also want to check out the reading list, podcasts, and other presentations regarding social networking on the Five Weeks to a Social Library website. We hoped that after the course ended that people would still make use of the resources. Good luck with your project.
Thanks! That last one looks like a really excellent resource - should be the ideal sort of thing to put in our handout. It's for a short (7 minute) presentation and I guess I'm responsible for about 45 seconds of it, so I can't go in-depth, unfortunately. The article you just posted was already very helpful. (When I say currently, I mean until I go to bed and then tomorrow morning and the next day - not a lot of time, but it's a continuing interest for me).

I'm pretty familiar with most of the basic Web 2.0 stuff and have seen glimpses from conference notes about new directions for integration with library websites, etc. - beyond that, I'm thinking of providing a blogroll of active 2.0 librarians. Does that sound like a good direction to you?
Sounds like you're on the right track! Please let me know how it turns out.
Well, we've decided to do a blog instead of having a handout full of links, so if you're interested you could check http://internetsocialspaces.blogspot.com/ later this week and hopefully it will have some good introductory information.
You might want to check our out blog: http://infodoodads.com
We are 6 librarians who review online information tools. We try to review 6 a week (roughly one a day).

Thanks! I love your blog - I'm playing with spresent in class right now to see if we could use it on our blog. I didn't put you guys in the blogroll because I wanted to do reviews as a separate topic - if I don't get around to it I'll definitely put you in, though. :)
;) Thanks



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