Today I uploaded my video review of the XO Laptop to YouTube. A couple of weeks ago I uploaded my first video ever to YouTube, and two days ago I uploaded a video demo of the XO Laptop ebook reader.
If you're intersted you can take a look at them here.

It's been a good learning experience for me, and I'm glad that the XO and the One Laptop Per Child Foundation was able to be the motivating factor that caused me to explore how to create and upload videos. It's really not that tough and I plan to create more in my role of librarian. And, hopefully, they will get better with practice!

Any other librarians in this community who are involved with the OLPC or have XO laptops?

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I hope it arrives soon. You're going to love it, Daniel. I'm surprised more librarians aren't involved with this project. It's a good fit for librarians. I'm still thinking about the implications.

I would think one possibility would be public libraries as non-profits purchasing these in bulk through their state libraries or consortiums of some kind and making them available to check-out. I'm in higher ed, and I think they would be wonderful additions to computer science courses. Students could help develop programs for these machines and then share those open source programs with children in developing nations who are part of the OLPC project. Any other thoughts on potential uses or other implications?



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