Where are your favorite places to find out about new web 2.0 apps? Any lists of "the best of..." that you follow regularly?

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http://www.go2web20.net/ is a great place. There's also a blog version:

Thanks Ellen. That's perfect. What a fun site. Just what I need for a class next week. Enough 2.0 apps for a lifetime! :-)
I like "All Things Web 2.0" (http://www.allthingsweb2.com/) & listable has a "complete list" at http://www.listible.com/list/complete-list-of-web-2-0-products-and-....
Thanks Sarah! Those are great. Listible is quite amazing.
I can also recommend Phil Bradley's 'I want to' site http://philbradley.typepad.com/i_want_to/
[Phil's blog is also well worth reading if you don't aleady http://www.philbradley.typepad.com/]
Thanks Scott - another great site. Can't believe how smart I'm going to look thanks to all of you!! :-) Another good page on Phil Bradley's site: http://www.philb.com/iwantto.htm
I read boingboing http://www.boingboing.net/ and another good one is mashups via programmable web - http://www.programmableweb.com/
Thanks Sandra & Joshua for the additional sites. Great stuff. I've got quite a nice list going now!
www.jajah.com, phone - phone FREE. Best web 2.0 software (for me) =)
Thank you all for your input! Thanks to you all, I had a great list of directories to give to the students in my class. AND I was able to point out the value of social networking to all of them. Hope some of them will find their way to this group.



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