Summary of Stephen Abram's talk at the New York City Chapter of SLA (1/10/08)

I've posted a summary of Stephen Abram's remarks before the New York City chapter of the Special Libraries Association on my blog.

I can't convey the dynamicism with which he speaks. But I hope I've been able to convey some of the important questions he posed, especially concerning the future of libraries and librarianship, and proving our worth as professionals.

Read the summary.

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Abrams always has a compelling message. Thanks for this summary. It should be quite the ride in the coming months if what he says about change is true.
That’s some outstanding reporting you’ve done there, Bob. Thank you for the information. I found his comments on the trend towards me-based tools to be dead on.
Thanks, Kevin. True confessions: I recorded the talk and transcribed the notes from the recording.
I’m relieved to hear that, Bob. I was too afraid to ask if you did it all from memory. :) Good stuff either way!



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