Summer 2008: This year as it was last year, ALA will be having its conference in California at the same time that NECC is having theirs in Texas. What is a teacher librarian to do? For teacher librarians that are also media specialist (aka library media specialist) it is a challange try to be at two different places at the same time.

If you could go to one or both (if that were possible) or neither, what would your choice be? Thoughts? Reactions? Something?

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As a practicing LMS, I always opt for NECC as it seems to offer more for the well rounded media specialist who serves not only the library but the entire school. I think it is selfish to just go to ALA. What can I bring back to my entire school other than "library" stuff. B/c national level conferences are so expensive anyway (reg, travel, lodging) and I must choose, I'll always choose NECC. Iste's NECC offers something for all facets of the school environment. Does ALA? Of course, maybe if I had ever been to ALA< I might feel otherwise. But each year I attend NECC I WANT to go back the next year. it is wonderful.
I am happy to report that we had a direct connection to some of the AASL leadership at ALA from NECC. It looks like next year we will have a mini conference within NECC in DC. I was thrilled it worked.



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