Does your library use Ning?

I'm interested in learning how various institutions are using Ning to create their own networks. What kind of focus do you have? Is it on staff? Or on library users?
How successful has your foray into Ning been?

I'm looking to see what's out there and what other people are doing.


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Hi Richard!
We use Ning in various library projects that I'm involved in:

"23 Things" (Swedish: 23 saker) (Stockholm Public Libraries) (Public Libraries in the Stockholm Region)

Library Avatars (Swedish: Biblioteksavatarerna) - A Swedish community for library people in Second life

LiteraTour in Library 2.0 - A European Union Project (Grundtvig) focusing on literature, language, ICT and intercultural dialogue.

The focus in all these projects are mainly on library staff but in the LiteraTour 2.0 project the target groups are also adult learners and teachers in language schools.

Ning has been a great help for us in various ways: it's (almost) free, it´s easy to build and it's open which means that you can play around with a whole lot ot cool third party tools, widgets etc.
During the the Internet Librarian International in London I will share my experiences with using Ning in a library context. My presentation is called "Ning Things". Hope to see you there! :-)




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