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I'm sure many of you are going. And no doubt many of you have very busy schedules at the meeting. But maybe some people would have time and inclination to get together?

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Last year there was a message board for meet-ups.
Maybe we can all find each other that way?
I agree, would love to meet. Let's make a message board like Ellen suggests.
Great - let's try to connect at the conference or just before. I finally sorted out my hotel and travel plans. Left it too long and couldn't get into the Hyatt. Oh well, the weather should be nice by then and walking a bit won't hurt!
I'll be there (I'm local) and would love to meet up.
Wow, you're all coming from far and wide and local! Michelle, you should win the award from coming the greatest distance. I'm going to be at the meeting from Sunday - Thursday. I'll send you all a message and see if we can find a time to meet up. Maybe Monday evening for dinner?
That does sound like a good idea ... count me in!
Lu Ann
Great! The more the merrier! Some of us are planning to meet up on Monday evening for dinner. And some will also be trying to get together for lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. One or the other or both! Whatever works for you. Look forward to meeting you and the others at CIL.
I'm doing a dine-around on Monday, but I'd love to meet up on Tuesday for lunch if there is a get-together! ~ Terran
I'm better for lunches - we're staying on the other side of the river. Can somebody local (Emily Moser?) suggest a place for lunch near the conference?
I'll try to put a note on the message board for Monday night dinner and for lunch. But if any of you get there first, go ahead and do it. I may be snowed/iced in and not get to the conference when I expected. This is April????????

Anyways, those who want to meet for dinner on Monday night, how about meeting in the lobby of the Hyatt at 6:30. Somewhere near the Cinnabar bar on the atrium level?

Look forward to meeting up with you all.
Thanks to all who came to the NING dinner tonight. We had a good meal and fun conversation. It was good to meet all of you. Let me know if you didn't get everyone's names, I have the list. I haven't looked up all your ning names yet. I've been watching the news that I had no idea was going on today. My heart breaks for the family and friends of the students at Virginia Tech.


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