I've been playing around with how different Web 2.0 sites handle HTML. What I've found so far is:

* Facebook doesn't take much, if any. I can't get forms to work.
* MySpace takes forms, but I can't copy in a favicon link
* Ning doesn't take the form tag. I got it to take the link tag and I got my favicon to work for about two seconds, but as soon as I reloaded the page Ning sripped it out.

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Many sites like my blog host, WordPress don't allow any kind of scripting. They're afraid of the inherent hacking potential.
What are you looking to do (not technically, but functionally), Jim?

We run a very simple MySpace profile that serves
our students' needs (we think) - mainly links to library
services/resources, and the ability to send bulletins to
students (e.g., schedules/calendars/outages. Feel free to visit.

Don Auensen, MLS, PMP
Chattahoochee Technical College Library
MySpace: www.myspace.com/ctclibrary

A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library — Shelby Foote



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