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A Futuristic Learning Maze: A Learning Space, Not Strictly a Library

Your Name and Title: Reina Williams, Library Faculty

Library, School, or Organization Name: Wilbur Wright College

Co-Presenter Name(s): Norma Lugo-Gulyas, Assistant Professor and Director of the Library Technical Assistant Program, Wilbur Wright College

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Chicago, IL               

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): All library professionals

Short Session Description (one line): Wilbur Wright College’s Learning Resource Center is not just a library, but is home to a variety of departmental services as space is used to accommodate the needs of our students.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): Wilbur Wright Junior College was established in 1934 at 3400 N. Austin Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Wright remained on Austin Avenue until 1993, when it moved to its present location at 4300 N. Narragansett Avenue, a park-like campus of five interconnected buildings that enable students to access classrooms, laboratories, and support services without having to go outside. The buildings were designed by award-winning architect Bertrand Goldberg.

The Learning Resource Center is located in a triangular shaped building, and is called home by many different departmental services. Information technology, computer labs, the English Department’s Writing Center, Math Lab, Media Services, and Testing Services all live in the Learning Resource Center. Classes are held here as well. The library occupies a small space within the Learning Resource Center.

We will discuss the history and transformation of the library into a true learning hub supporting the needs of students. We will discuss the issues that arise with co-existing with so many departmental services, and how it affects library services.

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